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Lemon Tree Company is happy to market games like our Wild Friends - Truth or Dare Game. You can download it from the Google Market Place.

Trump Swipin' the MEME maker. )

This is the BEST, I mean the BEST meme maker for our President's BEST moments. Download the demo or buy the full version for only $.99.

Trump Swiping App

Wild Friends - Truth or Dare Game! (Sexy Drinking Game)

Like the classic game Truth or Dare, this will push your limits. If you enjoy games like "Cards Against Humanity", "Spin-the-bottle", or anything else that pushes your limits while having more fun than should be legal, then this game is perfect for you. "Wild Friends - Truth or Dare Game" is best for parties, but good with small groups as small as 4. This game starts off with simple (PG Rated) cards, and continue to build into wilder and wilder cards. As you play you gain badges or honor for completing Truths and Dares, and with ever new badge a new set of cards are added to the random deck, that's when things get a bit crazier. Don't worry if a card it too crazy for you, there's a Chicken-out rule, but soon you'll find you're laughing so hard, and having such a great time, you will not want to Chicken-out.

The FREE version will let you play until you have completed the first 3 badges, out of 10 badges. The FULL version will let you play as long as you like and add expansion packs.

Truth or Dare App Expansion Sets include: 3som's, S&M Play, Swingers Fun, All About Boobies, Baby Got Back (Booty), Fun with Cell Phones, College humor, and Grosser than Gross.

Couple's - Lucky Dice (Sexy Dice Game for Two)

This is a free Game for couples that would like to spice things up with some random play. Take a chance and download this app and just shake you phone and see how lucky you get.

Couple's - Lucky Dice App

Drunk'n - Simon Says Game

This is a free Game for anyone that wants a challenge of Drinking and Concentration. Like the traditional Simon Says game you repeat the pattern of colors, but with a twist this game rewards or penalties you on how well you've done. This is best played wish 2 or more players.

Simon Says Game App