Trump Swiping App is one of the best ways to make a silly meme of the President. Select from attire, locations, facial expressions, and even add your own text, or just copy his Tweets, they are the BEST!! Save the image to your gallery and post your new meme anywhere you want, or email it to a friend. The demo gives you limited attire and facial expressions, but for only $.99 you can open them all, and in the future we'll be sending updates with more and more options to pick from.

Visit our Google Play page to download the full version or link to the demo and 'give it a swipe' and see if it's the BEST meme ever!

Trump Swipin' App

We've got a few contest we are running for our Truth or Dare game, click here to enter.

Any twisted ideas you feel might make a good Truth or Dare card should be submitted to our contest...
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Welcome to the Lemon Tree Company

Mobile APP and Mobile Game development for iPhones and Androids can be tricky. Lemon Tree Company is a small undertaking that has a vision for filling the needs of small companies and communities, using tools to make custom apps for smaller needs. Have you ever needed a simple APP developed, however the cost was so out of MIND that you scrapped the entire project? Well, Lemon Tree Company might be the solution you need.

Lemon Tree Company makes APPs and Games with a small team, and keeps the cost low. Lemon Tree Company can develop stand-alone APPs or full HTML5 sites that work with Mobile devices. This site will aid you in finding OUR current APPS we have made for fun and for small communities,
and contacts for any projects that your
small companies or communities might need.